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Who we are

You have a brilliant idea.
But you need help realizing it. Building it. Releasing it to the world.

NEUROBELLUM is here to solve that problem.

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.

What We Do

NEUROBELLUM has decades of experience solving creative needs in all areas.

With over 20 years of experience producing and developing original content, intellectual properties, and game design for some of the top entertainment studios and publishers in the world, we sorta know what we're doing. Just ask Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai, Activision, LucasFilm, Dark Horse, DC Comics, MTV, Archaia Entertainment, Boom! Studios, Meteor Entertainment, Microsoft Games, Fox Entertainment Group, The 3DO Company, and Vogster Entertainment.
They'll tell you. We're serious about story.


Original Story Development and Scriptwriting

So you have this idea for a comic book, video game, mobile app, kids book... it could be anything, really. But that's all it is at this point-- an IDEA. A brilliant idea, sure, but it's not going to rock the world stuck inside your head.

You need help tuning that idea into a structured, fleshed out, honest-to-God INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, with characters, plot, backstory, arc, setting, conflict, and ultimately a satisfactory resolution.

Neurobellum is just the place to find that help.

We've developed original properties and story material for dozens upon dozens of video games and graphic novels, including authorized and published expansions to popular licensed properties such as Star Wars, Alien vs Predator, Superman, Batgirl, and Aeon Flux.

From outline to script to script-polishing and editorial, we can bring your idea into crystal clear focus.


Interactive Design and Art Direction

The landscape of storytelling is evolving at an exponential rate these days, with the proliferation of digital devices, interactive platforms, and the ubiquitous application of the term "transmedia". But you just want to bring your newly-developed brand to an audience hungry for new experiences, a crowd of potential fans eager to be engaged in new and dynamic ways.

Neurobellum has a track record for pushing the boundaries of 'traditional narrative' structure into brand new territory.

We've designed non-linear, dynamic, interactive storylines and campaign structures for multi-million-dollar video games released by big-time publishers such as Electronic Arts, Activision, Namco, and Vogster Entertainment.

You want alternate subplots, interchangable secondary characters, branching mission structure, variable scenario conditions, etc, etc? No sweat. That's all part of building the freedom to make your world come alive.

Regardless of the linearity of your story, we can help visualize it for you through our network of both celebrated and undiscovered artists and designers from around the world. You can trust Neurobellum to find the right look and style to realize your vision, just as we've done for Namco, Meteor Entertainment, Archaia, and Vogster.


Vocal Direction and Performance Capture

Your script is written, your game doc is locked, now you need someone to breathe life into the characters.
A cast of performers who will become your characters, and a knowledgable director who can coax the best performances out of them.

Neurobellum can bring your characters to life.

From vocal performance to full-body/facial motion capture, we have cast and directed hours upon hours of dramatic and comedic cinematic material for numerous productions for Electronic Arts, Namco, Vogster Entertainment, and The 3DO Company.

We get the tone you're going for, and we bring it to the stage.


Product Creation, Marketing, and Distribution

Your book is finished, the interactive game is in final QA, the tabletop game is playtested through the roof. Whatever it is, it's DONE.

Now you just need someone to produce the physical product, market it to a hungry fanbase, and get the thing into their grabby little mitts.

Neurobellum knows how to foster your product through manufacturing, marketing and PR, and ultimately into the most efficient retail channels appropriate and available to make YOU the most profit.

With years of experience publishing and manageing numerous manufacturing processes and book releases for publishers such as Archaia Entertainment*, Boom! Studios, and Vogster Entertainment, we can assure you you'll get the highest quality product for the best price. People will treasure their purchase, and tell their friends about how much they love it.

*Despite a history of numerous industry awards, nominations are not guaranteed (though always anticipated).


Out of limitations comes creativity.

Our Products


If you'd like to put any of these powerful skills to use in developing, producing, or distributing your brilliant idea, please contact us at or through the form below.